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Friday, October 19, 2018

Topics at Philosophers' Corner

(Current as of 3 July 2020)

Academic Philosophy
Why I Love Philosophy
Gender Bias in Academic Philosophy?
Beware of Letters Bearing Poop
The Dearth of Women in Philosophy
Women and Academic Philosophy
Philosophy for Primary Students?
John Haldene to Teach at Baylor University
Beware of Letters Bearing Poop
Analytic vs. Continental Philosophy

Academic Theology
Why Study Academic Theology?
Academic Theology - Crisis Magazine
Does Academic Theology Matter?
Do Academic Theologians Have to Believe in God?

A Physicist Looks at Beauty
G.K. Chesterton on Drawing the Line

Ancient Sources
We Should Read "Pagan" Writings
Ancient Sources and Historical Reliability
Ancient Philosophers Portrayed on Byzantine Murals
African Religion Predates Hinduism
Some Marks of Prehistoric Religion
Religious Tradition
The Religion of the Saka
The Luwian: Another Theory

Alvin Plantinga
Alvin Plantinga: Belief in God Can be Rational

Reflections on the New Anglican Catechism (Introduction to the Ten Commandments)
Reflections of the New Anglican Catechism - Part 2 (The Law and Righteousness)
Reflections on the New Anglican Catechism - Part 3 (The First Commandment)
Reflections on the New Anglican Catechism - Part 4 (The Second Commandment)
Diversity and Adversity

Anscombe, Elizabeth
Elizabeth Anscombe
Anscombe on Justice, Sex and War

Alister McGrath on the New Atheim and New Apologetics
Williams Lane Craig on Philosophy and Apologetics
The Christian Intellectual
Reason and Revelation
St. Paul's Application of Greek Philosophy
What Christians Believe

Aquinas, Thomas
Aquinas and Motivation to Good Action
John Haldane to Teach at Baylor University

Archaic Communities/Ethics/Moral Codes/Technologies
Ancient Wisdom, Science and Technology
On Blood and the Impulse to Immortality
Ancient Moral Codes
Ethics and Archaic Communities
The Religion of Archaic Rulers
The High Places
Understanding the Axial Age

Aristotle's Final Resting Place
Getting Acquainted with Aristotle
Aristotle's Understanding of the Chief Good
St. Paul's Application of Greek Philosophy
Angry Birds and Aristotle

The Charitable Face of Atheism
UK Atheists and Historical Revision
More on the Humanist Anti-God Campaign

Bacon, Francis
Bacon on Atheism
Theories of Knowledge: Bacon and Descartes

Bentham, Jeremy
Thumbnail Sketch of Jeremy Bentham

Berkeley, George
George Berkeley: Idealist and Consistent Empiricist
George Berkeley A Matter of Mind

Boheme, Jacob
Jacob Boheme on Genesis

Chance, Fortune
Chance, Fortune, Determinism and Indeterminism
Machiavelli Believed in Fortune

Chesterton, G.K.
On the Corruption of Truth by Trade
G.K. Chesterton on Nietzsche
Chesterton's Philosophy of Paradox

Blind Eye or Ignorance?

George Ellis "Science and Religion" on the Mind

Deontological Ethics
Modern Trends in Ethical Thought

Descartes, Rene
Ontology and the Philosophical Project

Derrida, Jacques
Thumbnail Sketch of Jacques Derrida
Levi-Strauss and Derrida on Binary Oppositions
Genesis and Jacques Derrida
Today's Savage Mind

Dreyfus, Hubert L.
Dreyfus on Metaphysics and Phenomenology

The Desire to Learn
Bring Philosophy to American High Schools!
Philosophy Education in France
Schools Discovering the Value of Philosophy
Why We Should Teach Philosophy in High School
Philosophy Should Be Taught With STEM
Why Logic Should Be Taught in Schools
Philosophy: The Most Impractical Practical Tool
Teaching Kids Philosophy Makes Them Smarter in Math and English

Einstein, Albert
Einstein-Bohr Debate
The Shaping of 20th Century Ethics
Einstein on the Value of Philosophy

Theories of Knowledge: Archaic Communities-Aristotle
Theories of Knowledge: Bacon and Descartes
Theories of Knowledge: Descartes, Locke and Hume
Theories of Knowledge: Hume and Kant

Moral Obligation
Revising Good and Evil
Is Bioethics a Dirty Word?
What Makes a Good Society?
Kathinka Evers on Neuroethics
Ethics and Binary Oppositions
Ethics and Archaic Communities
Ethics of Archaic Communities
Ethics of Ancient Greece
Ethical Concerns of the Middle Ages
Ethical Concerns of the Renaissance
Ethics in the Renaissance
Ethical Concerns of the Enlightenment
The Shaping of 20th Century Ethics
Modern Trends in Ethical Thought
Post-Modern Ethics

Evolutionary Theory
Random Mutations and Quantitative Analysis
Facebook Conversation on Creationism
Biblical Anthropologists Discuss Darwin

Foot, Phillipa
Thumbnail Sketch of Phillipa Foot

Jostein Gaarder 
Gaarder on Changes He'd Make to Sophie's World

Thoughts on Gender Equality
The Church's Consensus on Women and the Priesthood
Why Women Were Never Priests

Churchill and the Clash of Ideologies
Philosophers on 2016 Presidential Election
Anarchy and the Elites
On Trusting the Elites

Grosseteste, Robert
Robert Grosseteste

Heidegger, Martin
Augustinian Elements in Heidegger's Work
Heidegger and Aristotle
Heidegger's Lectures on Aristotle
The Challenge of Heidegger's Terms
A Closer Look at Martin Heidegger
George Pattison on Martin Heidegger
Heidegger's Critique of Descartes

Hobbes, Thomas
Thomas Hobbes, a Brilliant Pessimist
Did Hobbes Change the Meaning of Justice?
Hobbes on the Order of Creation

Hume, David
Feminist Interpretations of David HumeWhy You Have to Love David Hume
Buttiglione Responds to David Hume
Why David Hume Was Wrong
Theories of Knowledge - Part 1
Theories of Knowledge - Part 4

Husserl, Edmund
Crash Course on Phenomenology
Husserl's Critique of Descartes

The Question of Immortality
On Blood and the Impulse to Immortality

Philosophers Discuss Supreme Court Decision on Obergefell v. Hodges
Progressives Enjoy Attacking Kim Davis

Kant, Immanuel
Modern Trends in Ethical Thought
Logic: On the Lighter Side

Kierkegaard, Søren
Søren Kierkegaard
Kierkegaard: Witness to the Truth, Knight of Faith
Reflections on Søren Kierkegaard
The Busyness-Idleness Conundrum
Logic: On the lighter side
Pioneers in the Field of Logic
Why Logic Should Be Taught in Schools
Introduction to Logic: Fallacies
Modal Logic and Problem Solving
The Atheist's Fallacious Argument

Machiavelli Believed in Fortune
Ethics in the Renaissance

Meetings of the Great Minds
Fall 2014 Forum
Spring 2015 Forum

RIP René Girard
In Memory of René Girard: The Truth about Life and Death

Early Metaphysics: Primal Substance and Cause
Theories of Time
Theories of Change and Constancy
Leibniz's Modal Metaphysics
The Corporeal Universe Needs Metaphysics
Kim Davis, Metaphysics and the Public Square

Moral Codes
Menes, the Lawgiver
The Moral Code of Ani
Ancient Moral Codes

Philosophy Professors Reflect on Irrational Man

Natural Law
Natural Law: The Outside Standard
Natural Law and Justice

Nietzsche, Freidrich
G.K. Chesterton on Nietzsche
The Immortal Nietzsche
Ethics in the 20th Century
Freidrich Wilhelm Nietzsche
Reflections of Freidrich Nietzsche

The Story of Ontology
Introduction to Ontology
What Constitutes Being?
What's at the "ontological basement"?
Ontology and the Philosophical Project

Peirce, Charles Sanders

Crash Course on Phenomenology

Does Philosophy Have Value?
Philosophy for Children in the Pandemic
Why Study Philosophy?
The Most Impractical Practical Tool
What is Philosophy?
Bad Philosophy Must Be Answered
Bertrand Russell on The Value of Philosophy
University of Kentucky Philosophy Summer Camp
New Philosophy Grads Favored by Employers
Popularity of Philosophy in Germany
The Academic West Fails to Engage the East
Chinese Philosophy in the Western Classroom
When a Fundamentalist Finds Philosophy

Philosophical Theology
St. Cyril's Philosophical Theology
Wolfhart Pannenberg RIP

Plato: A Heart Fixed on Reality
Plato's Debt to Ancient Egypt
Plato on Thymos

Political Philosophy
Jefferson the Philosopher
Philosophers Reflect on the 2016 Presidential Election (USA)

Pragmatism and Education in America

Rand, Ayn
Thumbnail Sketch of Ayn Rand

Rawls, John B.
Thumbnail Sketch of J.B. Rawls
J.B. Rawls' "Original Position"
John B. Rawls: A Pernicious Influence?

The Philosophical Basis of Science

Austin L. Hughes, The Folly of Scientism
Scientists Against Scientism

Socrates: A man in control of himself
Ethics of Ancient Greece
Socrates' Quote

Jacques Derrida on Terrorism
Terrorists Target African Christians
Hezbollah Global Network Weakens
Boko Haram Targets Christians, Police, and Aid Workers

Better a Philosopher Than an Orator
Gain a Heart of Wisdom
Theories of Time
The Sun and the Sacred

Truth, Not Slogans

Virtue Ethics
Virtue Ethics

Ancient Seats of Wisdom
Wisdom is Expressed in the Practical
Ancient Wisdom, Science and Technology
Wise Women Throughout the Ages
Themistoclea of Delphi
The Removal of Wisdom's Tongue

Wittgenstein, Ludwig
Ludwig Wittgenstein

Women Philosophers
The Dearth of Women in Philosophy
Wise Women Throughout the Ages
Thumbnail Sketch of Phillipa Foot
Elizabeth Anscombe
Anscombe on Justice, Sex and War

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