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Friday, January 4, 2019

What's at the "ontological basement"?

What if the fundamental “stuff” of the universe isn’t matter or energy, but information?

That’s the idea some theorists are pursuing as they search for ever-more elegant and concise descriptions of the laws that govern our universe. Could our universe, in all its richness and diversity, really be just a bunch of bits?

To understand the buzz over information, we have to start at the beginning: What is information?

This is.

So is an image like this:

Read it all here.

I like the phrase the “ontological basement” of reality, but question reality as content. As with Derrida, I would say reality is Presence.

I deal in data as a biblical anthropologist. Information is valuable in as far as it builds a cohesive picture of reality... and only if we deal with the inconvenience of reality.

Alice C. Linsley

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