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Sunday, June 4, 2023

ChatGPT Failed Me


Dr. Alice C. Linsley

AI is a digital tool that is able to save time, but it has limits. It draws on language, but not on the latest information. 

I have been pioneering the science of biblical anthropology for forty years and have numerous publications in this emerging branch of anthropology. I decided to use ChatGPT is create content, but it failed. It does not recognize the distinction between theological anthropology which calls itself "biblical anthropology" and the science of biblical anthropology.

Theological anthropology considers what the Bible says about human nature, a rather speculative subject.

Biblical anthropology investigates the customs, religious beliefs, material culture, and kinship patterns of the many biblical populations. This discipline takes an empirical approach to the biblical texts by identifying anthropologically significant data to gain a clearer understanding of the ethnic and cultural diversity of biblical populations.

The technology eventually will recognize the distinction between two disparate subjects with the same label, but that may take another 40 years. 

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