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Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Meeting of the Great Minds - Spring 2015

This semester my philosophy students will explore ontology, logic, and ethics. It will be a busy semester! We will have between 3-5 meetings of the great minds. You will discuss questions posed to the forum by Socrates. Three questions are asked each meeting.

Select a philosopher for these enactments and become acquainted with the philosopher's main contributions to the philosophical project. Gather quotes and pertinent biographical information.You must remain in the roll of that philosopher during the forums, wearing the hat you select or design to represent that philosopher.

Your final paper for the semester will be about the philosopher you have portrayed in the forums.

Philosophers you may select for the Spring Semester include, but are not limited to:

Jeremy Bentham

George Berkeley

Jacques Derrida (See also "Something Older")

Phillipa Foot

Martin Heidegger (See also "A Closer Look at Martin Heidegger")

David Hume

Immanuel Kant (See also "Modern Trends in Ethical Thought")

Niccol├│ Machiavelli  (See also "Machiavelli Believed in Fortune")

Charles Sanders Peirce (See also "Pragmatism and American Education")

Ayn Rand

John B. Rawls

Ludwig Wittgenstein

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